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'The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page'
Rachel Anders 


Welcome to the Literature Tent. Take a look at this introduction from Mrs Emery to find out more about what you can find in this digital tent.

What reading means to me

What reading means to me
by Poppy

If I were asked to name one reason why I love reading I wouldn't be able to. There are hundreds of reasons why books are so special to me. In my opinion, books are so much more than just words on a page; they are family and friends. Re-reading your favourite book is like visiting an old friend and the characters feel like family. There is something magical about reading a book that nothing else can compare to. When you read a book, you can go anywhere your imagination takes you, you can meet fantastic characters and go on incredible adventures without even leaving your room. Books are portals to other worlds that are just waiting to be explored. The only tool you need is your imagination.

 To me, reading is an escapism from the real world; after a particularly gruelling day or when I just want to wind down, books are my way to switch off. Books allow you to ecape from whatever situation you are in and you can let your imagination take over for a while. When you are reading, you don't need to worry about what is going on in the real world. You can let your troubles slip away and feel the weight ease off your shoulders with every word you read. Books have always been there for me. Even when it feels like the whole world has turned its back on me, I know that books will always be by my side and that, to me, trully is magic. I am so lucky to enjoy reading and to have found books that I love, but I know that there are many people who aren't as lucky as me, who haven't found their book yet. However, I also know that there is a book out there for everyone and that some people just haven't found theirs yet. You should never stop looking for your book because when you find the book you love, it really is a magical feeling.


Book Review: Hunger Games - Catching Fire

Reviewed by Joseph

I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it was very intense at points, and extremely gripping because of how quickly things can change in the arena of the hunger games.

The book has many gory scenes, like when Katniss and Peeta are watching Haymitch's hunger games, the book talks about empty eye sockets and intestines falling out, revealing the harshness of the games.

The ending was the best part for me because the cliff hanger was BRILLIANT because when Katniss finds out about the whole plan of the district victors, you can't stop reading until you find out what happens. This book has encouraged me to read even more and I wanted to pick up the final book as soon as I put this one down.

Overall, this book takes many unexpected turns, and is extremely gripping, so I would recommend to anyone and everyone! 


Book Review: Private Peaceful

Reviewed by Rhys

Told through the eyes of Thomas ‘tommo’ Peaceful, Private Peaceful tells the story of the soldier’s life counting down to the present where he mournfully awaits the grim fate of his much loved older brother. The story tells us about his love for his childhood best friend, his frequent adventures, his family’s love for his mentally challenged oldest brother and his escapades during his horrific time during the army. Although it is a book about the hate and destruction of war, at its core it is about a family’s love. All through Thomas’s life his older brother has watched over him, guided him and loved him throughout not only as a brother but he also partly took the role of a parent as his mother was always working and his dad died when they were younger. Also, during his childhood his mother showed her love through working hard to keep them fed, warm and happy.

I would definitely recommend this book. 


Book Review: Top Marks

Reviewed by Isabel

Top Marks for Murder is about a detective society at Deepdean School for Girls, who help to find the murderer of their headmistress’s sister and one of the schoolgirls parents.

I liked reading ‘Top Marks for Murder’ because I enjoyed guessing who the murderer was during the book. This book is part of a larger series called ‘The Murder Most Unladylike’ series, which I would recommend looking at if you enjoy this book. During the story, there are twists and turns that make you question everything, this kept me in suspense throughout and meant I finished this book very quickly as I couldn’t put it down! At the end of the book I was very surprised who the criminal turned out to be.

Another reason I liked this book is that it is written from the point of view of one of the detective society members - Hazel Wong. It is written in the style of her case book, which makes it a more interesting read compared to some other fiction books that I have read.

Overall I would recommend this book to people that like mystery books. I would give it a 10/10 as it was very intriguing and enjoyable and kept me guessing until the end. 

Extract from Vote for Effie

Hear Laura Wood, Patron of Reading to the school, reading an extract from Vote for Effie.


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