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Take a look at some fantastic stop-motion projects in the cinema or view the brilliant artwork created by Art, ICT and Computing.


In Art and Computing, students were inspired by the creators of Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Studios, year 8 have created their own stop motion mini stories. The students have taken multiple individual photographs and changed the image slightly between each shot, before putting it into video editing software to create their animation.


Work on display from Art, Computing and RE.

In Art, the year 7’s have demonstrated their colour theory knowledge by creating colour wheels using unusual and found materials, rather than traditional art mediums. The successful colour wheels show the colours harmoniously transforming from primary to secondary to tertiary colours. Looking at the work of celebrated artist Henri Matisse, year 7 have also responded to Matisse’s simplified collages through the use of the formal elements: line, shape and pattern. The students have used bold colour and typography to present a personal response to the artwork.

Michael Craig-Martin is an artist famed for his draughtsmanship using fluid line, typography and layered bold colours. Using recycled materials, Year 8 have created their own response to the artist in the form of relief tile lettering. The students have used a range of materials from fabric and cardboard to plastic.

Year 9 have created artwork in the style of textiles artist Priscilla Jones. The students have used a range of mixed media to create their response, firstly creating a patterned collage background and then focusing on their use of line and tone to add the drawn object over the collage.


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